High Volume Production

High-volume, uninterrupted CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc manufacturing on demand requires speed and reliability. Streamline production and meet customer expectations for prompt product delivery and quality with Rimage solutions. Using proven robotics, recorders, printers and software, automate production from start to finish, providing the fast order turn-around and high quality your customers expect.

Software Developers

As a software developer, you will appreciate Rimage systems’ support in creating unique software masters and software beta releases for market tests, and for commercial delivery of software titles. Create accurate, professional, and inexpensive updates, patches and fixes for distribution to individual end users or small groups.

Customized Discs

Each disc is manufactured on demand, with entirely customized contents. Consumers can pick their favorite television shows and seasons to add to their collections. The most current releases of technical manuals are copied to disc and shipped with new equipment. Universities prepare customized and updated courseware for students in each class.

Retail and In-store

Use manufacturing on demand (MOD) to provide consumers with immediate access to your entire catalog of content at retail point-of-sale stations. Rather than stocking titles in-store, create discs on demand for immediate in-store delivery.

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PixFusion LLC develops personalized media products using patented technology to incorporate children


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